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VisualBoard is a web application that collects and analyzes production data in near real-time in any discrete manufacturing plant. The main objectives of the application are to identify the actual process performance (OEE), as well as visualize areas for improvement and provide quality metrics.

Slide Real-Time OEE

Imagine the following scenario: your sales team forecasts an increase in production demand, while there is a belief in the plant that all workstations are running at full capacity. How do you determine if you have the capacity to meet this increase in demand? Will overtime be necessary? Should an additional shift be added? Should new machinery be acquired? If this sounds familiar, knowing the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of your equipment will be extremely useful in answering these questions.

OEE is a widely used metric by world-class companies in their manufacturing plants. In practical terms, OEE is an indicator that represents the efficiency of an operation as a percentage of its installed capacity.

VisualBoard measures the OEE for all your workstations in real-time and automatically. Additionally, VisualBoard allows you to configure the types of downtime that affect the OEE and set thresholds for the colors that indicate the OEE status. The visual charts provided by VisualBoard to communicate and interpret the OEE are intuitive and easy to understand.

Start measuring the performance of your processes in real-time using the metrics used by world-class companies. Schedule a no-obligation demonstration and discover the benefits of measuring OEE in your organization.

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